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X 4inch Tube

Dismantled the defect X115 and Afro170 to harvest some parts.

Wanted to have a small simple frame with a simple exchangeable fpv canopy this time - AUW under 250g. This version is the 4„ Frame made out of one carbon fiber Tricopter arm from RCExplorer. There is although its smaller sister, the x3inch.

The Prototype was flying pretty good, but ended up somewhere far - i guess in a tree. RSSI Search did not really help this time and had to watch the voltage go down on the telemetry screen until the signal was lost.

After that was was lost in the forest, i started building a new one with the better Brotherhobby motors and a small 20×20 AIO Board.



  • PBF3-EVO uses Betaflight PIKO Target.
  • For DSHOT: Re-map motor 1 to the PPM pin, To allow the use of the LED pin Re-map motor 4 to motor 5 signal out a01
    resource ppm none 
    resource motor 1 A07 
    resource motor 4 A01 


Ich garantiere bei meinen Bauberichten und Teilelisten keine Vollständigkeit wird aus den Teilen gebastelt die gerade herumliegen.
Bitte keine Anfragen zum Bau/Fräsen von Frames, Teilen oder sonstigen Aufträgen. Ich betreibe die Seite rein als Hobby und nutze die zur Verfügung stehende Zeit gerne für meine eigenen Projekte.
Bei einigen Projekten werde ich zu gegebener Zeit die Pläne veröffentlichen - aber auch hier lasse ich mich ungern hetzten ;-)

No waranties for completeness of any contructions, part lists etc.. I build from party i have just lying around in my workshop.
Please, No requests to buy frames, builds, etc.. I run this page in my spare-time and as hobby only. Want to keep my free time to work on my own projects - sorry
I will release the plans for some build at some point in time, but again, please don't ask for unreleased plans, i don't want to get rushed ;-)

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