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Cheap CNC Machine Electronics Example

Estlcam Mega Breakout Controller


  • Cheap (<20€) and Easy to build ESTLCam controller based on Arduino Mega
  • DC-isolation (incl separate ground) between PC/USB and Inputs/Spindle Control → prevents most of the USB problems with inverter spindles.
  • 3 Axis Screw Terminals for Stepper Drivers
  • Spindle Relais and 0-10V PWM output
  • 3 additional Outputs via Screw Terminals
  • 5 opto-isolated Inputs via Screw Terminals
  • 4 additional Outputs on Header
  • 6 additional Inputs on Header
  • 12 pin header for Pendant / Handwheel

Controller Board

Total: ~18€

Pendant / Handteil

Total: ~22€

BTW, this is what the prototype looked like - works still fine as well.

2021/01/06 · hermenj

Cheap Cicso Power Supply

When searching for a cheap solution to power my JMC Colsed Loop Steppers i stumbled on a thread about using 2nd hand Cisco Switch Power supplies for RC-Charging. As i used old server-supplies for that purpose years ago, i thought i would give it a try. I ordered a Cisco WS-CAC-1300W from ebay for less than 20€ - you can normaly find them ~30€ if you search a bit.

They offer 27A @42V and additionally some amps at 12 and 5V for other stuff - perfect for a CNC Machine. If thats not enough, there is the same form-factor available with 3000W or 6000W - if needed.

The Quality of the power supply is like military grade - heavy as hell and a fan that would be enough to power the vacuum table. If you can live with that, you get a perfect power supply for nearly nothing.

The power supply uses a C19 cable which you can get from everywhere. The back connector is a bit special, but from my box of connectors i found the female 2mm gold-connectos from my rc-planes fittet the high power pins perfectly.

2021/02/14 · hermenj


JSS57P2N Cheap Closed Loop Steppers

I found these motors for less than 60€ incl shipping from poland to germany on aliexpress. They look quite similar to the JMS CL Steppers that i really like, but are even cheaper - lets give the ma try!

My first impressions are very good! Motors seem to run quite smooth and powerful. Electronic seems to be quite the same as the JMC CL Steppers as well.

Cheapest Version, but not Closed Loop

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